I document love and celebrate life for families in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit)  to remind them of their strength & courage during a time that can be filled with fear and confusion. This time, this story in their lives, needs to be treasured just as much as any other time that takes place.   These sessions are offered as a gift to families who begin their journey in the NICU.


Documenting Love, Celebrating life

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Pj's cup of Tea

photos of strength & courage  

When I picked up a camera 18 years ago, I knew it was for something bigger than me.  I wasn't quite sure what that meant but I knew their was a bigger purpose ahead.  As I feel in love with story telling, I was able to find my voice through documenting legacies that will out live both you and me, but as much as that filled me with passion, I always knew there was something more.  That was until the day I was invited to the NICU to photograph twin babies that came much earlier than expected.  I left knowing for the first time.  There were stories to share, families needing encouragement, and little one's needing to be photographed.  This was the start of My work in the NICU. 

 I  have been told that through these images, it's how a mom has been able to remember those strength filled moments because the fear alone consumed her.  The power of an image is evident in the NICU.  These sessions are a complimentary gift for all families, they receive digital files along with preselected printed gift  to have and hold.  If you know a family who could benefit, CLICK HERE (or scroll to bottom of screen) and I look forward to chatting soon.  Please know a photo release is requested to be signed by the parent of our NICU babies and these sessions are available as scheduling allows due to our travel demands.


Letter written from a Mom
who experienced life in the NICU. 

You are the definition of a miracle in my life. When you were born in such a critical state, I felt absolutely helpless. I could not hold you or feed you. Your eyes were swollen closed and you were motionless because of the morphine you were on. Daddy kept telling me to lay my hands on you. So I did. I would sing and cry, and try to get out a few more words, and cry again. Then one day, your oxygen alarm began to sound and the nurse ran over. I backed away in tears and she said, “No! Keep doing what you are doing! Don’t stop! She can hear you and her oxygen is stabilizing!” I stood there with my hands lying on your bare skin, sticking through the holes of your isolet, and sang to you quietly, with all my heart through broken sobs. We went through a grueling process as we waited for God to heal you. 

Then one day, you passed your brother up in breathing, went off of the tanks, and started to take a bottle. All of a sudden you were home in our arms.....Now, here I am. Watching you become the little girl that God created you to be. You are the sunshine of our home. You are full of energy and life. Laughing and babbling. Making your brother crack up as you make silly faces and noises at him. Everywhere we go people constantly say how beautiful you are. You are exploring and crawling all over the place, pulling yourself up to stand, starting to talk and sing and dance and even have preferences of books and songs…and I am in awe. I am so proud of you. You are my strong girl and I love watching you become a little lady!"                         Love, Mama




Celebrating one of our Peppermint Tea babies.

She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future. 


Proverbs 31:25

Meet Patience

and her twin brother  


Documenting Love & Celebrating life





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When I discovered my love for the camera, I also knew I was meant to give back and documenting stories in the NICU was one of the places I found that part of my story begin to unfold.   Everyone has a story with each deserving to be told and I am honored knowing the possibility of documenting yours.  Send me a note and I will reply within 24 hours Monday-Friday or I can also be reached at 925-200-4457 to chat much sooner.   At this time, my NICU Sessions are available in the Greater Bay and the Salt Lake City Areas (pending travel schedule). 

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