The love for what I do becomes 360.

June 1, 2018

The love for what I do becomes 360.

If you know me, worked with me, or have browsed through my web pages, you will know what pulls on my heart strings as a photographer.  A passion that starts with documenting your story to printing portraits that will shout your legacy for the generations ahead.

In this digital age, our stories have become a swipe and the desire to hold an actual image is being lost in an illusion (or idea) that our documented lives are just fine tucked away in these tiny devices we carry around.   Let’s face it, we are a generation on the go and our lives are trying to keep up.  What we lose in the process are those moments when we can truly exhale and enjoy what matters most.

When I began to discover my love for the camera, what I truly discovered was the power of an image when I held it in my hands…printed.  I saw emotions & details of stories unfold in a way I didn’t see exist as I was in the midst of each one.  I could stop and exhale for another moment, one that belonged to only me.   You can’t get time back with someone but you CAN relive it through a photograph.’   

When we print our photos, we ensure our legacy breathes life.   We give it a voice for tomorrow and allow our stories to be told.  It truly is a gift for those who will one day pick up these photos and be able to see the stories of who they are and have become. Prints don’t come with an expiration date!
Here’s another way to look at it.  Think of how email + text has replaced sentiments of gratitude that use to arrive on paper.  A handwritten letter.   When was the last time you put a stamp on that love & gratitude instead of hearing a click when pressing send?
Think of how you feel when you receive a note from someone you care about that took the time out of their day & put a pen to pad…genuinely sharing what they felt at that given moment.   Now, flip the switch.  Think of receiving those same words tucked in between emails filled with work, advertisements, and anything else we allow to pour into our lives in those little screens.   Does it resonate in the same way?  I think it is safe to say, most likely not.  This can be the same message we are sending to those who will want to know where their stories began through a digital legacy.
It is YOUR legacy.
THEIR legacy.
And…it deserves to be seen.
Put a stamp on your time, your now, and give a gift to your loved ones (and those to come).  I promise. They be thankful you did. 

My 360:

These photos are from my daughter’s San Francisco City Hall Wedding.  Of course, I have many photos of this beauty (my #1 muse, willingly and not so willingly as she was growing up, lol!)   Many photos with many stories.  This time it was on her terms and showing up for HER was most important.    It was very surreal as a mom.

I witnessed her share those two words that will forever change her life and this documented day is not only for them, but for what lies ahead.   It didn’t hit me until I went to share their first photo (with many tears in motion) and thought that one day, these photos will be held by my own grandkid(s) and they will share a story.  Their story.  Where it all began.   I realized the passion I have for placing actual prints in hands, putting a stamp on legacies, is a reality and does matter.  This became my own reality… my own 360.

We started at a nearby Hotel to get ready and made our way to San Francisco City Hall.  If you haven’t visited the SF City Hall, be sure to scroll down to see it…you won’t regret it. 🙂


Working with the talented Missy Olson, makeup artist who does it so well…


As I was documenting, her GodMother was happy to have the honor…


Delicate moments + those pretty little details…

Great Grandma’s Heirloom ring that belonged to me, and it was now time for my Baby Love to own.


The final touches and that last look…


It’s time…making it official @ The San Francisco City Hall.

This building is a dream location for any ‘I do’ moment. The vision we had all came into reality…


Always time for a little this and a little of that…


And that’s a wrap…as their story continues!



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